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#postimerkkeilija is a blog and a stamp magazine about the world of philately and postcard collecting. The blog and the stamp magazine is mainly in Finnish. postimerkkeilija is the Finnish word postimerkkeilijä without the dots above the last letter; postimerkkeilijä in English is stamp collector.

By sending e-mail to the address postimerkkeilija(at) you can tell news (with photos or pictures) concerning philately or postcard collecting, for example news about new stamps or new postcards, news about a forthcoming stamp exhibition or a forthcoming postcard event or news about results of a stamp auction.

#postimerkkeilija has the right to make changes to the received material (news, writings, etc.) and to translate the material into Finnish. #postimerkkeilija has the right to decide which material will be published and to decide which material will not be published.

Editor of #postimerkkeilija is Aapo Korte. He is a philatelist and a collector from Janakkala, Finland. His collecting areas (starting from 1 January 2021) are postal history (express delivery mail of Finland, postage fees of Finland 1975–2001, postal history of Janakkala (Finland), postmarks of Copenhagen (Denmark), registered mail of Great Britain, express delivery and registered mail of Hungary and pre-philately of Europe), postcards (dairy industry, railway vehicles, Janakkala (Finland), Coca-Cola and Easter), traditional philately (bus parcel stamps of Finland and Liechtenstein), thematic philately (philately and football (soccer)), airmail (airmail of South America), postal stationeries (coat of arms 1889 stamped envelopes of Finland), maximum cards (sports) and numismatics (banknotes of South America).

Aapo Korte. Photo by Niina Romström-Korte. 

#postimerkkeilija is on Twitter: @merkkeilija. Hashtags in the social media are #postimerkkeilija and #kerailynilo. kerailynilo is the Finnish words keräilyn and ilo without the dots above the fourth letter in the word keräilyn; keräilyn ilo in English is joy of collecting.

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